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Artículos recientes (2010 a la fecha)

Artículos publicados desde 2010 por los investigadores del grupo, en temas del mismo

Pan, I (2011).

On the untwisting of general de Jonquières and cubo-cubic Cremona transformations of P^3

Contributions to Algebra and Geometry, 52:1-21.


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Avritzer, D, Pan, I, and González-Sprinberg, G (2012).

On singular quadratic complexes, quintic curves and Cremona transformations

Rend. Circolo Mat. di Palermo, 61(2):201-240.


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Pan, I (2011).

On Cremona transformations of \P^3 which factorize in a minimal form

Rev. Unión Mat. Angentina.

We consider Cremona transformations of the complex projective space of dimension 3 which factorize as a product of at most two elementary links of type II, without small contractions, connecting two Fano 3-folds. We show that there are essentially eight classes of such transformations and we give a geometric description of elements in each of these classes.

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Rittatore, A and Renner, L (2011).

The ring of regular functions of an algebraic monoid

Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 363:6671 - 6683.


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Bourel, M, Rittatore, A, and Dickenstein, A (2011).

Self-dual projective toric varieties

Journal of the London Mathematical Society-Second Series, 84(2):514-540.

Let T be a torus over an algebraically closed field k of characteristic 0, and consider a projective T-module P(V). We determine when a projective toric subvariety X of P(V) is self-dual, in terms of the configuration of weights of V.

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Bambrila-Paz, L and Rittatore, A (2014).

The Endomorphisms Monoid of a Homogenous Vector Bundle

Fields Institute of Communications, 71.

In this paper we give some properties of the algebraic and geometric structure of the endomorphisms monoid of a homogeneous vector bundle.

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Abadie, F, Dokuhcaev, M, Exel, R, and Simón, JJ (2014).

Morita equivalence of partial group actions and globalization

Transactions of the American Mathematical Society.


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Treibich, A (2011).

Non-linear evolution equations and hyperelliptic covers of elliptic curves

Regular and Chaotic Dynamics , 16(3-4):290-310.


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Treibich, A (2014).

Hyperelliptic d-osculating covers and rational surfaces

Bulletin de la Société Mathématique de France.


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Treibich, A (2013).

Systèmes d'équations polynomiales pour les revêtements hyperelliptiques d-osculants

Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences Serie I Mathématiques.


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Treibich, A (2014).

Systems of polynomial equations defining hyperelliptic d-osculating covers

Functional Analisys and Applications.


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